Nursery close to work? Even more amenities for our tenants!

Kindergarten and creche

One of our newest projects is “Radosne Nutki” creche and kindergarten.

The facility was opened in 2020 at Sucha street, with support from co-financing under the Regional Operational Program of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship from the European Social Fund.

Project numbers RPMP.08.05.00-12-0117 / 19 and RPMP.10.01.01-12-0138 / 19

A unique place for your baby

Perfect location surrounded by greenery with a large playground away from the hustle and bustle. The building has been fully adapted to the needs of children, including those with disabilities. Professional teaching staff carry out a wide range of didactic activities – English lessons, sport and art classes, as well as providing the care of a psychologist and speech therapist. As part of the attractive tuition fee, “Radosne Nutki” offers full board.


For recruitment, please contact us at +48 693 105 726

Details on recruitment and fees on the website

Guaranteed priority in registration for children of Eximius Park employees!