It’s finally spring, with a lots of greenery and pleasant temperature. After months of isolation and the exceptionally long period of the pre-spring two-wheel enthusiasts finally have the opportunity to get on their bikes and go on longer and more pleasant trips.

Cycling enthusiasts probably don’t need any encouragement to set off for the attractive tourist surroundings of Eximius Park. However, on the occasion of the Bicycle Day, on June 3rd, we would like to share with you a handful of information. Where to go and which cycling routes in the Zabierzów community will provide the best impression? Our recommendations are based on the incredibly useful bicycle guide published under the patronage of the Mayor of Zabierzów – “By Bike in the Zabierzów Community”.

Perfect location for work and recreation

The location of our office complex allows employees to take advantage of the nearby recreational facilities even just after leaving work. Breathtaking views await you at the Kmita Rock, less than 2 km from Eximius Park. Thus, just a few minutes after finishing work, you can find yourself in one of the many nature reserves located in the Zabierzów municipality. The list could go on, as the area around our complex abounds in many charming, worth seeing places. Kluczwody Valley, Bolechowicki Gorge or Kobylańska Valley are just a few and some of the most popular examples (all located within 15 km from Eximius Park).

Take a map and ride a bike

What is more, encouraging you to cycle when you leave the office, we do not stop at words. In the atrium of our buildings, general maps of the bicycle routes within the Zabierzów community have been hung. For those interested, we have also collected paper tourist maps with more detailed information. They will be available for pick up at the Eximius Park Office in building 200 from mid-June.


Bike trip around the Eximius Park