This is a surreal situation.

Spring, the sun is shining. This scenography gives the impression that there is no war. And yet it is. On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded a free, democratic Ukraine and brought war back to Europe.  On the 18th day of the invasion, Russian bombs fall on all cities of Ukraine, including the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security Operations in the Lviv region, nearly 20 km from the border with Poland.

Recently, immediately after waking up, in the first reflex we reach for our phones to check the news from the front in Ukraine. With concern and disbelief we observe the heroic struggles of brave Ukrainian soldiers, volunteers and civilians. Women enlist in the army, learn to shoot, want to defend their Homeland. Others seek shelter and shelter, give birth in shelters, take care of children, the sick, the wounded and the elderly. In a hurry, they leave the country and have to rearrange their lives, provide a sense of security for their children, learn the language, look for a job. Fathers, husbands, brothers and friends remained in the country. They are fighting for the freedom, rights and values of Ukraine, as well as all of us. Can anyone feel safe today? One crazy man blackmails the whole world with nuclear weapons. We don’t know how the war will turn out, but what we can do today is unite, support and help.

How to help Ukraine?

Every day brings new news from the front.  Every day we all try to help as much as we can. In consultation with the Municipality of Zabierzów, Sołtys Rząski and with companies and their employees in Eximius Park, we organize collections of the most necessary things, including food, clothing, sanitary products. In the Municipality of Zabierzów, an accommodation base was created, where people from Ukraine found shelter – women with children, as well as the elderly.

We have purchased duvets, pillows, sets of bed linen, towels, all these gifts have already been given to the Municipality of Zabierzów and will go to the accommodation point. In addition, we also donated fruit, food with a longer shelf life and other basic necessities. The aid campaign for Ukraine is still ongoing. All donations can be made in Eximius Park, in building 200.

From today, classes at the school for children from Ukraine are also starting. Together with the employees of Assa Abloy and HID, we were able to create and equip a school department. Ukrainian children will be able to benefit from free education and care. The school is located in the Church of Pentecost in Krakow. In a specially created ward, pupils will be able to slowly adapt to the place, school activities, as well as meet their peers and have a substitute for normality in this difficult time.

We would like to thank all donors for their help, heart and generosity.

We will keep you informed about the next steps on our profile FB.

We are with you Ukraine.