Considering the important decisions of Eximius Park tenants and business partners who plan to optimize or develop new office space, we have prepared Eximius Space. It is a specially designed exhibition space, which is an example of modern design in office space.

Eximius Space includes conference rooms, kitchen facilities and a modern space that resambles so fashionable today coworking solutions. It is a exemplary space which makes it easier and safer for tenants to make decisions related to optimal furnishing of their new offices.  Also it provides an opportunity to organize occasional meetings with partners and guests of companies based in the Park. For obvious reasons, there is a lot of talk these days about a friendly, thoughtful design of the workspace. Designing this place, we assumed that from the point of view of tenants, looking for a new office space, it is very important to have the opportunity to test specific solutions and combinations. It is important to sit at an ergonomic chairs, try desks with adjustable height for sitting or standing work, to test phone booths and to check whether the lighting or the conference room equipment will meet the specific needs of employees and companies.

Furthermore it’s important that in the modern office all these elements work together properly, while at the same time offering businesses maximum flexibility and mobility in the solutions they implement. This kind of flexibility is of particular importance today. Many companies still have to adjust their office space to the latest trends of the post-covid reality.

It is still difficult to give a clear answer to the question of what the dominant model of work in offices in the world of global companies and corporations will look like. With initiatives such as Eximius Space,  we would like to make the decision of a gradual return to offices easier.

Welcome to Building 1000, because space really does matter!

Meeting at the Eximius Space

Eximius Space as a co-working area