Eximius Park is an office complex providing tenants with the opportunity to arrange offices according to individual needs. Our offer is based on flexibility to meet clients’ needs. In addition to renting an office, we offer small business units.

Openness to unconventional solutions, but also a short decision path and efficient response time to customer inquiries are crucial to our approach. Having listened carefully to the client’s requirements, we try to customize both, the office space (turn key fitout) and the lease agreement. We are able to guide the client in building a professional workplace, especially, those who are just expanding their company. Assisted by our experienced staff, we advise our clients on the process of creating a workspace in terms of economics, technology or fit-out.


From a coworking space to a large office

Our offer is based on diversity, including both, the standard and size of the space. Eximius Park is able to adapt to the client’s needs with different requirements from all industries, providing continuous expansion in the same location. To begin with coworking, through flex offices up to large office spaces of several thousand square meters.


Proactive office surroundings

Speaking of a modern office, do not forget about its surroundings. Employees find it important to have services such as a store or a variety of public transportation, like Traficar. Equally important is the proximity of greenery and contact with nature, which can provide employees with relaxation during a work break. This function, among others, is fulfilled by the Eximius Park Sports and Recreation Zone. In addition to recreation, it is also an excellent place to organize a professional event with food trucks, a team-building event or a match for employees. Helping employers implement wellbeing in their organizations is one of our most important goals.


Small business units

Creating a professional business environment, we are constantly expanding list of amenities. Our tenants may enjoy not only a sports and recreation zone, a variety of means of transportation or a kindergarten. We are planning to expand our offer with services such as Small Business Units. The proposition of combining office and city warehouse is addressed to entrepreneurs who do not want to choose between small self storage boxes and large warehouse halls. What is more, next to the buildings, we can build customized warehouse space (over 1,000 sqm) available on a turnkey model for a potential office tenant.

Combining apparently opposite possibilities is our specialty. Eximius Park has space for a professional office in a green environment with additional benefits for employees and also storage space.