When we think of working outside on a summer day, it usually means immediate associations with decreased productivity, or decreased comfort, or sitting uncomfortably, or not having a proper table, or the sun shining too hard, or not having an outlet to charge your laptop and phone, etc. Creating Outdoor Office, we want to bust this myth.  In Eximius Park we have found a place where you can combine work with relaxation in a green, enjoyable surroundings.


Some important rules to make it “work”


Employees who would like to work outdoors and take advantage of natural daylight, can already sit in a comfortable office chair, at a comfortable table, sheltered from the sun by garden pavilions. The Outdoor Office zone is a perfect place to discuss a case study or sum up a project in a pleasant, unusual environment. Team leader or manager, who tries to create an unconventional atmosphere, stimulating energy and creativity of their team, will surely appreciate a wide range of Outdoor Office opportunities. Starting with eye-soothing greenery and melodious singing of birds, through a relaxing moment of rest in a comfortable deckchair right next to it, and ending with a reviving game on a nearby sports field.


Work-life balance: sport, health, motivation


What is more Outdoor Office is also our proposal to develop and improve the idea of work-life balance. We have been trying to motivate people to a healthier and more active lifestyle for a long time. With this aim in mind, the Sports and Recreation Zone was created. The closeness and variety of sports facilities (fitness club, multifunctional sports field, yoga zone or finally the neighbourhood of cycling and hiking routes around Eximius Park) makes one of the most common excuses against sport activity irrelevant. When all these opportunities are waiting right after you leave the office, lack of time really isn’t an excuse.

Last but not least, the Outdoor Office idea is also our response to the post-covid needs of our tenants. People who do not yet feel safe enough during face-to-face meetings in the office, can confidently use the option of meeting our in the outdoor work area.

Outdoor Office w Strefie Sportu i Rekreacji Eximius Park

Strefa Outdoor Office

So if you need peaceful and quiet place to write a report, need a space for a project meeting with your team or want to meet with a client in a comfortable and green environment, feel free to use Outdoor Office located in Sports and Recreation Zone of Eximius Park.