Opened less than a month ago, the Eximius Park Sports and Recreation Zone is an outdoor space suitable for sports activities and relaxation during and after work.

One of the few such places on the business map of Poland

Among modern office complexes in the whole country there are not many places, which apart from fully equipped areas, provide their tenants with a comprehensive sports zone. Our Sports and Recreation Zone has been created to respond to additional needs of our employees. We know that an employee can only work effectively if they feel good.  Therefore, we have taken care to create a range of facilities that support physical and mental wellbeing.

Physical activity in the outdoor area

The Sports and Recreation Zone offers a wide range of possibilities.  It has been divided into several sections: sports, fitness, chillout, picnic, food truck zone and a place to park scooters and bicycles. The multifunctional pitch is suitable for football, handball, volleyball, basketball and street basketball. The pitch has a professional, certified surface and is lit so that it can be used even after dark.  The Fitness Zone offers a well-equipped outdoor gym with modern equipment enabling a choice of activities varying in intensity and form. We have 6 multifunctional machines for aerobic and fitness activities, which strengthen the skeletal and articular system and improve the figure and general physical condition. Additionally, we encourage you to try your hand at the urban climbing zone.

Something for the body as well for the spirit...

Our approach is based on the idea of work-life balance, which is why we propose solutions making it easier for employers to ensure the well-being of their employees. The chillout zone is, on the one hand, a space for yoga classes, and on the other, specially designed wooden deckchairs and benches. The green, relaxing environment invites you to roll out your mat and enjoy your daily practice. Or maybe it’s just a great place for a short, regenerating break at work. Because of our location surrounded by nature reserves and parks, yet close to the city and the airport, those looking for a comfortable combination of different spheres of life will be able to satisfy their needs.

Food-truck festivals and more

Complementing the sports and leisure functions of the facility is a special area for food trucks.A suitable driveway and power supply from external floor-boxes make it possible to organise a food truck festival or any other event with a catering offer. In addition, we have provided a comfortable dining area with 14 tables, chairs and umbrellas. During events, guests can also use a picnic area offering a separate place for a bonfire or barbecue.

The Eximius Park Sports and Recreation Zone is a place for sports activities and relaxation at work and after work. A place where everyone can rest and recharge their batteries for further work. It is an ideal solution for those who would like to organise small and large events, outdoor events, sports, music or summer cinema.