Reception Point of the Małopolska Voivode for citizens of Ukraine in Eximius Park

On March 30, 2022, a press conference was held entirely devoted to the opening of the Małopolska Voivode’s Reception Point for Ukrainian citizens in Eximius Park. The new place for those seeking refuge in Małopolska was told today by the voivode of Małopolska Łukasz Kmita, the operational director of Eximius Park Katarzyna Peto-Ziemkiewicz, the plenipotentiary of the Małopolska Voivode for contact with non-governmental organizations in the field of support for refugees from Ukraine Paulina Dziób and the commander of the Krakow Banner of the Polish Scouting Association hm. Mariusz Siudek.

“They’ve come a long way – not only literally, but also in terms of the emotional challenges they face. Citizens of Ukraine who left their home and country, fleeing from the hostilities of Russia, today need understanding, care and peace. The reception point, which we have launched in the Eximius Park complex in Zabierzów, will act as a kind of safe haven, which will allow people who have often been on the road for many days to rest and get the necessary help – says the voivode of Małopolska Łukasz Kmita.


Up to 200 refugees will find shelter and help here

A reception point was created on the ground floor of the building with the number 800. Nearly 940 square meters have been adapted for the needs of this place. In a separate area there are smaller and larger rooms for rest and accommodation. There is a special room for mothers with children, a children’s playroom, as well as a room for seniors. Refugees will be able to use two equipped kitchenettes, and meals will be provided by a catering company. Linguistic support will also be provided, an interpreter will be on site, as well as psychological support. There is also a dressing room filled with clothes from donors, including employees of First Property Group plc in Warsaw. Thank you DPD Polska Sp z  o.o. for a nice gesture and transporting these things!


Thank you for your commitment

This point was created thanks to the involvement of many people, efficient coordination of the Voivodship Office, and the support of numerous entities. Amazon, through the Save the Children Foundation  , has donated tens of thousands of zlotys for this purpose. Thanks to these funds, washing machines, dryers, playroom equipment, hygiene products or towels, etc. were purchased.

Equipment for play corners – shelves, kitchen for children’s play, tables with a set of chairs, drawing boards, blocks, stuffed animals, stationery and plastic dishes for children, water bottles, light travel bags or medicines for the medical point were donated by Ikea Kraków.

Food and hygiene products were donated by Biedronka, and the Wanicki company  from Mogilan delivered 2500 bottles of mineral water and sofas for the playroom. Hygiene items, clothes and blankets were provided by the Changing the Impossible Foundation, while the Maspex Wadowice Group – jams and juices for children.

We would also like to thank the employees of Gegenbauer, who quickly adapted the sanitary facilities, our security company for dryers, school supplies and sweets. We would like to thank the State Fire Service for the delivery of beds and assistance with unloading.  Thank you very much.


The Reception Point of the Małopolska Voivode for citizens of Ukraine  is open around the clock, and all the necessary information can be obtained by calling +48 734 114 170

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Reception Point in Eximius Park  Reception Point in Eximius Park  Reception Point in Eximius Park