A new tenant has recently joined the list of companies in Building 200, while UPM is focused on further growth at Eximius Park. 

UPM Biofore Company has recently renewed its lease in building 1000 for a further 5 years. The company is a global provider of forest management products with a strong commitment to sustainable business and the provision of products from renewable and recyclable raw materials. The group employs over 18,000 people worldwide. “We decided not only to extend the contract with Park for another 5 years, but also to implement an advanced interior design project that meets the most up-to-date expectations and needs of our employees,” stresses Andre Faust from UPM. Both the strategic location of the Park, right next to the airport and motorways, in silence and green surroundings, as well as the philosophy of the property managers, for whom sustainable development and work-life balance are extremely important, made the decision to extend the lease exceptionally easy – he adds.

TechHub in building 200

At the end of the year another (the seventh) company from the technology sector joined the tenants of the 200 building. The new tenant of Eximius Park, Symetrium, is a team of experienced engineers from the fields of automation, IT and teletechnology. “This is an optimal location for us. The landlord’s flexibility as regards the functionality and needs of our premises meant that we found our ideal place to work.  Apart from the obvious advantages, such as the easy and variable access options, or the remarkably friendly attitude of the team managing the complex day-to-day, the Park can boast unique advantages on the scale of the whole region and a very high level of services provided” – emphasizes Małgorzata Głowacz, Director of Finance and Administration at Symetrium.

We would like to welcome Symetrium among the tenants of Eximius Park!

A wide range of services

In Eximius Park everyone has an opportunity to work in a modern and professional office. Our portfolio includes not only large spaces covering entire floors, but also small and medium modules. Flex offices, available from as little as 100m2, provide smaller companies with comfortable solutions. Shared training area and sanitary-kitchen space allows flexible adaptation of office to the needs of smaller and medium-sized companies. The complex also creates solutions for startups and individual freelancers.  Each tenant has the opportunity to use a variety of facilities, such as a sports and recreation zone or a conference centre.