UPM Kymmene is celebrating ten years of operations in Krakow this year. The date corresponds with the opening of a new office in Eximius Park. The arrangement of the new spaces was prepared by Group 68, and HOOF was responsible for the design, delivery and installation of furniture.

Postpandemic “attentiveness”

The high standard of finishes in the common spaces perfectly illustrates how important a thoughtful and meticulous approach to office space design is today, especially after the difficult experience of isolation and remote work for many. Corporate employees also seem to be taking a much more conscious approach to space, the wide range of amenities, and finally the environment in which they spend several days a week. It’s critical that all these elements come together to make working in an office a much better alternative than working remotely.

A design refined to the last detail

The design of the new office was intended to reflect UPM‘s philosophy and approach to the employee. In addition to striking solutions and modern aesthetics, the office meets all the requirements of a post-pandemic work environment. Spacious conference rooms, combined with comfortably designed common areas and an abundance of plants in almost every room, reflect a concern for employee wellbeing.
“In arranging our new office, we tried to relate to UPM’s mission of environmental care and innovation. In the interior design process, it was important to make our employees comfortable and to create inspiring spaces for teamwork. We gained an excellent space for strengthening relationships filled with forest elements. The green environment of Eximius Park is a great complement to support the feeling of closeness to nature.” – indicates Magdalena Sosnowska-Kaleta of UPM.

Biophilic design

According to the latest design trends, a new office should meet high ecological standards. Biophilic design, as one of the trends of the broader human-centric design direction, is focused on human needs, especially the need for contact with nature. In preparing its new office, UPM, a company active in forestry and sustainable sourcing, also drew inspiration from the natural environment. Therefore, the office could not lack natural elements, such as furniture made entirely or partly of wood or wool upholstery, and a very large number of plants.

Modern ergonomics

Another important element to keep in mind in designing a modern office is the ergonomics and functionality of the solutions. Concerned about the comfort of working in silence, the new UPM office has taken care of soundproofing with acoustic panels to reduce noise in open spaces. In the interest of employee health and wellbeing, the latest technological innovations were also used. The Hoof company has supplied desks with bluetooth functionality, which allows control by phone, as well as activating the mixed work mode (sitting or standing). Similar solutions were used in the conference rooms: ergonomic chairs with height adjustment and full mediaports.

See UPM’s new office in Eximius Park, building 1000.