On 23 March, during the annual conference “Wellbeing in practice“, we had the pleasure of receiving the Wellbeing Quality Certificate. Eximius Park has been awarded for creating a unique space for work and development of local companies and their employees thanks to its comprehensive approach to the process of leasing space and understanding the needs of modern business – regardless of size or industry.

Wellbeing Quality Certificate confirms the highest quality of services offered by the facility and the positive impact on the wellbeing of people who use these services. The audit conducted as part of the certification process includes an examination of various aspects of the organisation’s functioning. The impact on wellbeing is assessed in 6 areas, developed by the Wellbeing Institute: awareness, health, organisational culture, relationships, workplace, systems and processes. “Eximius Park has been recognised in all 6 categories for creating a wellbeing workplace by providing the right tools and opportunities for tenants,” says Agata Pelc, Managing Director at the Wellbeing Institute, “and proposing solutions that enable them as employers to take care of the wellbeing of their employees.”

Tailored to the needs of companies and employees

“It is also worth mentioning the tailoring of the offer to the needs of business and employees – both during the preparation of the target space and throughout the lease period. It is also important to support clients at different stages of corporate development within one location (from coworking space to whole-building areas), which was repeatedly indicated by tenants during interviews,” adds Anna Dziadkowiec, Workplace Partner at Workplace Team – the auditor of the certificate. The audit process also highlighted the introduction of unusual pro-health solutions into the offer (such as Eximius Boost Back – a programme being an extension of the standard benefit offer or the Outdoor Office initiative, an outdoor work zone available in the summer season) and the involvement of partners in CSR activities. The results of the certification process show that our undeniable advantage is the outdoor Sports and Recreation Zone with a multifunctional pitch and leisure areas, also used in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the idea of work-life balance, implemented in everyday business activities.

How can an office building improve wellbeing?

Creating the workplace of the future, we do not focus on providing our tenants with office space only. Our cooperation with partners is much more comprehensive, starting with participation in creating a long-term development plan, through consulting at the stage of building the premises, to assistance in implementing solutions. In this respect, the impact on employee wellbeing can be seen in all six surveyed categories.

Examples of initiatives

Our name came from Latin. In this language ‘eximius’ means ‘exceptional’. This is also our approach to everything we do. We are known for our non-standard approach to the topics we address. We look for various solutions. If there was one word to describe our activities, it would certainly be the word “flexibility”. At each stage of our cooperation with partners we try to listen to their needs in order to match them with the most beneficial solutions.

Eximius boost Pack

An example of our flexible approach is the Eximius Boost Pack programme. Together with the owner of a fitness club operating on a daily basis in one of our buildings, we have prepared a special offer which is an extension of the standard benefit offer. Employees of the Eximius Park complex have gained access to additional, free of charge, health-promoting services, such as office stretching, consultations with a physiotherapist and an office ergonomics specialist or an office massage organised in the buildings’ lobbies. That last service was a great success and enjoyed an outstanding popularity among employees. Long queues formed in the lobbies of our buildings every day at massage time.

eximius boost pack  

Outdoor Office

The Covid 19 pandemic uncovered new needs for us and our partners. Contact with nature and an enlarged space to work (or live in general) became so important, that we decided to enable our employees to meet these needs. In the spring of 2021, covered outdoor workstations were installed in the Sports and Recreation Zone, which became a perfect place to discuss a case study or summarise a project in a pleasant, unusual environment. A team leader or manager trying to create an unconventional atmosphere, stimulating the energy and creativity of their team, could choose from the possibilities of the Outdoor Office – from the eye-soothing greenery and melodious singing of birds, through a relaxing moment of rest in a comfortable deckchair right next to it, to a stimulating dose of sport on the nearby pitch.

Cultural events in the lobby
We organise various events in the lobbies of our buildings, such as free eye tests, blood donation events or exhibitions of paintings and photographs. Our spaces have hosted, among others, the vernissage of works by the painter Lech Kolasiński and the exhibition of photographs by Wojciech Plewiński in cooperation with the MUFO Museum of Photography.

Why is wellbeing important to us?

At Eximius Park, we concentrate on human needs already at the level of infrastructure. We know that each of us can only work well when we feel well, which is why we provide facilities that will enable you to easily fullfil your professional obligations in a pleasant environment. Thus, we provide solutions for employers who are aware of the importance of wellbeing and its impact on work efficiency and, thanks to these solutions, are able to expand their offer to the employee.